COVID-19 Update March 18, 2020


We’ve made some changes due to COVID-19.

Temporary Business hours:

Public shopping hours: 10am to 3pm

Curbside Pickup hours: 10am to 5pm

Closed on Mondays

In an effort to protect our community and team during this current health crisis, we have modified our shopping hours. Effective immediately, public shopping hours are now 10am to 3pm, and curbside hours are now 10am to 5pm, until further notice.

During these modified shopping hours we will take precautions to minimize the amount of customer-to-customer exposure by making sure only a limited amount of shoppers are in our store at one given time. We will also take extra time to properly sanitize frequently contacted surfaces including registers, carts and handles. We ask that customers follow health official guidelines by remaining at least 6 feet away from other shoppers while shopping and while standing in lines. Additionally, we now ask that shoppers wear masks or face coverings before entering our store, for everyone’s protection.

We strongly encourage shoppers to use our curbside pickup service OR text orders, including both grocery and deli orders, to our ONIGIRI HOTLINE.

Our online form can be found on our website, under the new Curbside Ordering menu. Or, text Onigiri Hotline: 512-953-RICE (7423)

Thank you for your understanding and thank you for supporting local businesses especially during this time!


また、あさひでは、駐車場にて商品をお渡しする「カーブサイド・ピッグアップ」サービスを通常時間通りの10時から 5時まで行います。これらの変更をすることにより、お客様をはじめ、従業員共々の安全を第一に考慮してこのサービスを使って頂く事を切にお願い致します。この、ピックアップサービスをご希望の方は、オンラインフォーム、またはテキストメッセージでおにぎりホットラインまでお願いします。

オンライン注文表のリンク: > Curbside Ordering

または、おにぎりホットラインまで : 512-953-RICE (7423)





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