About Us

Founded in 1967 as a family business, Asahi has become Austin’s premier place to buy Japanese food and groceries.  As a specialty food retailer, we offer a unique shopping experience and selection and quality that larger chain stores or supermarkets typically do not provide.  With the growing number of places that attempt to offer the same Japanese products, we stand above the rest through our years of experience in providing customers with high quality groceries and ingredients at the best value with the best service.

We are committed to making sure that our customers find what they are looking for and that they are consistently satisfied with their shopping experience.  We want to make our customers that have been to Japan, customers that are homesick for Japan or customers just fascinated with things Japanese to come into our store and feel like they’ve just taken a trip to Japan.  We want to make those who have never experienced Japanese food before excited about trying, cooking, and eating Japanese cuisine.

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