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Welcome to The Onigiri Corner inside Asahi Imports. Inspired by the immaculate konbini (convenient stores) found all over Japan serving high quality, house-made grab-n-go products, we strive to bring that same level of quality and authenticity to our beloved city of Austin. Our kitchen team is helmed by first-generation Japanese women who have raised their own children and grandchildren and spent a lifetime making comforting, home-cooked meals for their families. That same love and tradition translates into our menu offerings at The Onigiri Corner: simple, satisfying and soul-soothing, just like mom makes.

日本中にある、清潔で高いクオリティを提供している “コンビニ” (コンビニエンスストア)にインスピレーションをうけ、同じ品質と本物を私たちの愛するオースティンにも届けようとして日々努力をしています。 私たちのキッチンスタッフは、日系一世で彼女の子供と孫を育てながら毎日家族に手作りの美味しい食事を作ってきた母親でもある女性のアイデアと日本の伝統をおにぎりコーナーに受け継いでます。私たちはシンプルで安全、そしてまるでお母さんが作ったような気持ちのなごむ商品を 目指しています。



Available Tuesday through Sunday until SOLD OUT

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Salmon salted salmon flakes

Bonito savory roasted Katsuo fish seasoned w/ soy sauce

Tuna Mayo  cooked tuna mixed with Japanese seasonings

Umeboshi salty and sour pickled plum

Nameshi blended daikon greens, wakame and sesame seeds

Mentaiko spicy marinated cod roe

Kombu shredded kelp stewed in a sweet soy sauce broth

Shishito Miso shishito peppers stewed in a savory miso sauce

Plain steamed rice simply seasoned w/ sea salt

Austin hijiki seaweed, quinoa, kidney beans and sliced almonds

Takana seasoned and sautéed mustard greens

Kinpira sautéed thinly shredded gobo burdock root and carrots

Salmon-Kombu salted salmon flakes and shredded kelp

Ume-Tuna Mayo salty, sour pickled plum and Japanese tuna-mayo

Abura Miso pork sautéed in savory, sweet miso

Ebi Tempura tempura shrimp with special sauce

Kara-age fried chicken thigh pieces with Japanese mayo


Available Wednesday through Saturday until SOLD OUT

Tonkatsu Bento fried pork cutlet, tamagoyaki, kinpira, pickles and rice

Aji Fry Bento fried horse mackerel, tamagoyaki, kinpira, pickles and rice

Ebi Fry Bento jumbo fried shrimp, tamagoyaki, kinpira, pickles and rice

Shiromi Fry Bento fried Hoki white fish, tamagoyaki, kinpira, pickles and rice

Menchi Fried Bento breaded fried ground beef cutlet, tamagoyaki, kinpira, pickles and rice

Salmon Shioyaki Bento salted grilled salmon, tamagoyaki, kinpira, pickles and rice

Saikyo Miso Salmon Bento miso grilled salmon, tamagoyaki, kinpira, pickles and rice (Saturdays only)

Saba Shioyaki Bento salted grilled mackerel, tamagoyaki, kinpira, pickles, rice

Hamburg Bento Japanese meatball made with natural Angus beef, tamagoyaki, kinpira, pickles and rice

Karaage Chicken Bento Japanese style dark meat chicken nuggets, tamagoyaki, kinpira, pickles and rice


Available on set days until SOLD OUT

Yasai Korokke potato croquette mashed with peas, carrots and corn (Wednesday through Saturday)

Gomoku Inari  blended rice seasoned with carrots, renkon lotus root, takenoko bamboo shoots, shiitake, kampyo gourd, stuffed into tofu pockets (Tuesdays only)

Futomaki house-made, home style vegetarian jumbo rolls  (Fridays only)

Soft Serve matcha // sesame // matcha + sesame swirl (Friday through Sunday)

Ichigo Daifuku house-made mochi with red bean and fresh strawberry (Thursdays and Saturdays)

Katsu Sando breaded thick cut pork cutlet sandwich, Japanese toast bread and cabbage (Saturdays only)

Curry Pan  house-made rolls stuffed with curry, breaded and fried (Sundays only)

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to check for availability or to place an order. Onigiri and bento orders can also be placed via text at

512-953-RICE (512-953-7423) Burnet Rd.

707-SAA-RICE (707-722-7423) South Lamar

We also accept catering requests! Please call ahead for more info.