Onigiri Social 2018

onigiri party2018

Join us for our third annual Onigiri Social!
A fun family event with free samples and giveaways, a chance to meet your Onigiri Chefs, kid’s origami crafting table, onigiri rice balls and more!
Enjoy live music by The Asahi Five, a happy-time jazz band, and tastings from Glico Pocky, Hitachino Nest Beers, and other food craftsmen!
More information at: http://www.asahiimports.com
新商品、またGlico Pockyの試食、Hitachino Nest Beerの試飲
The Asahi Five によるJazz live musicを聴きながら、楽しい一時を一緒に過ごしませんか。

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